The Brit Rock Film Tour 2016 dates will be announced soon.

18th Nov: Kendal Mountain Film Festival , Kendal, Cumbria
19th Nov: Beacon Climbing Centre , Caernarfon
19th Nov: Boulder Brighton , Brighton
23rd Nov: Wilderness Lectures , Bristol
23rd Nov: Manchester Climbing Centre , Manchester
26th Nov: Northern Light Cinema , Wirksworth
8th Dec: The Climbing Academy, Glasgow
10th Dec: Oslo Climbing Club, Norway
13th Dec: Showroom Cinema , Sheffield
15th Dec: The Climbing Academy, Glasgow
20th Jan: The Leeds Wall , Leeds
20th Jan: Private Screening, Switzerland
1st Feb: Llangorse Multi Activity Centre, Llangorse
2nd Feb: Private Screening, Bleanau Ffestiniog
21st Feb: Eden Court , Inverness
23rd Feb: Wilf's Cafe , Staveley
25th Feb: The Castle Climbing Centre , London
26th Feb: 3rd Space , Llandudno
14th Mar: Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle
28th Apr: Plaza Theatre , Calgary, Alberta

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Host a Show

Thanks for your interest in hosting the Brit Rock Film Tour.

Putting on a show is easy all you need is a suitable venue (with seating, projection and sound equipment), you pay a licence fee, promote and sell tickets then get ready to rock the crowd with the amazing line up of Brit Rock films.

Typical venues include climbing walls, outdoor retailers, community halls & theatres as well as mountaineering clubs, fundraising events and students unions. All grass roots locations linked with the outdoor world as well as traditional cinemas.

We'll supply you with the master files/disks to play the films as well as provide stunning high-resolution artwork to help you promote your event.

Local sponsors are a great way to help cover the licence fee as long as they don't clash with our lead sponsors.

Booking enquires: contact Matt Heason


The Brit Rock Tour’s main feature for 2016 is the cinematic spectacular revelling in the UK’s golden age of bouldering ‘Blocheads’ premiering at the Kendal Mountain Festival, 18th Nov.


Never before have there been so many indoor walls; so many climbers obsessed with training; so many beasts of superhuman strength. That talent is not going to waste. We follow the fearsomely strong Blocheads as they quest for new lines and push the limits of human ability. It’s a story of adventure, rocky passions and mutant fingers. It’s the story of a search for bouldering gold.

There’s history too – we delve into bouldering’s murky past. Once it was just a bit of fun outside the climbing hut. Now it’s ‘a thing’. From the first recorded bouldering in the 19th century, through to the rise of bouldering as a sport, something happened while the traditional climbers weren’t watching. There has been a movement in the force.

We tell the story of the UK’s first outdoor boulder comp, an up-yours to the establishment organised by 70’s developer Jerry Peel. We learn about the Godfather John Gill, and how he influenced a young Jerry Moffatt, the first of a new wave of rockstars who helped shape the modern world of bouldering.

Blocheads includes numerous first ascents, off-the-scale gnarly moves and hair-erasing highballs. Sumptuous production. Historical garnish. Anarchy. Daft bits. Awesome bits. Watch it.

The superstar line-up includes: Dan Varian, Ned Feehally, Jerry Moffat, Michaela Tracy, Alex Waterhouse and many more.

Blocheads┬átakes us on a tour around some of the UK's finest bouldering venues. There are classic locations in the South-West, the Lakes, North Wales, Scotland, The Peak District, Yorkshire and the North-East. And there’s a look at some of the country's newest areas with Murlough Bay at Fairhead in Northern Ireland.

Produced and filmed by Alastair Lee, 60mins.

Shauna Coxsey goes Crack Climbing

Current bouldering world champion Shauna Coxsey decides its time to brush up on her crack climbing technique with crack guru Pete Whittaker aka ‘Wide Boy’. Plastic is traded for hand mauling rock in this thoroughly entertaining and lively short film. She said ‘this is only VS?’ He said ‘I’m going to make her bleed’.

14min film by Nick Brown and BMC TV.

The Quarryman

A superb short climbing film exploring James Pearson’s recent ascent of the infamous ‘Quarryman’. 30 years after the first ascent why is this route still such a coveted tick? Included interviews with Johnny Dawes and archive footage of the original ascent and the actual quarrymen who formed the route. Film by Neil Hart.

Total Running time 90mins.